Courses and Fees

Exploratory Session – Complementary – FREE

This is an initial session for us to get to know each other and to establish if we are the right ‘fit’.

It’s important for us to have an initial, no obligation, conversation because we need to get to know each other and you need to have assurance that you can trust me.    I offer this as an opportunity for you to talk to me in a safe and confidential environment, to experience how I work and to discover what we can do to affect a positive change for you.

Having time to talk about your experiences and emotions, perhaps for the first time, will enable you to discover the possibility of a way forward and the potential of a new and different way of being.

If we decide to work together we will discuss the best way forward for you.


Individual Health & Wellbeing Sessions –  £60
Hourly sessions booked when needed.

These 60 minute sessions provide support as and when needed.  Suitable for gaining an immediate confidence boost before or after an emotive event, such as a presentation or distressing situation. You may want clarity on short-term emotional issues or confirmation about a way forward.

They are also valuable for allergy testing and allergy de-sensitisation, nutritional or dietary advice.

Regular, individual sessions will create measurable change.  However, for deeper, transformational change in your health and wellbeing I recommend a focused, long term commitment to your physical health and emotional wellbeing.


The Confidence to Change – £757.00
Embracing  Your Desire to Make a Positive Change
Four Individual 60 Minute Sessions over Four Months

Suitable for achieving or recovering from emotional relationship break up, change of direction (career or personal) and confidence building.

By choosing this course, you will already have made the brave decision to create positive change in your life.

During the initial complementary session we will have established the foundation of your personal development and how you want your life to be.  We will look at what it would be like for you if all the negative emotion surrounding your goal was cleared.  This will be the target on which we work together.

Over the four month course, we will explore where you are stuck.  By uncovering subconscious, limiting beliefs and fears which restrict you, you will gain clarity of mind and confidence to create a healthy, fulfilling life for yourself.

Using the transformational tools of kinesiology we will introduce your goal into your subtle energy system, it will create an imbalance, a stress, because it is what you do not have right now.  As we work to bring you into balance you will gain insights, confidence and support to enable you to move forward and make positive changes to achieve your goal.

By making a long-term commitment to your personal development, you will find your self-discovery will be deep and profound.  You will have the benefit of an on-going therapeutic experience and a tangible result at the end.

In four months you will be living your life differently because you will experience yourself differently.  You will have gained the Confidence to Change.

As well as support in the one-to-one sessions, you will have one 30 minute phone call per month, unlimited email contact and text during working hours.


The Courage To Be Yourself – £1268.00
Personal Success and Attainment
Six individual 60 minute sessions over six months

A deeper personal development course designed to establish a deep, long standing change. Personal development is like going to the gym – you have to do it regularly and consistently.  You won’t get fit by going once.  This course is for those who see the value in the personal journey and are excited by noticing their reactions to the world and willing to fully engage in their personal process in order to live the life they want to live.  In freedom, joy and expansion.

Working closely together over a six month period will enable us to look at much deeper changes and establish your longer term goals.  We will look at key areas of your life and overcome the barriers that hold you back.

You will learn how you do things rather than why.  Once you know how you do things, you will create a new ‘how’ and discover new exciting ways of being.  You will come to understand your response to fear, how you hide, how to manage yourself differently and how to be fully present.

This is a full engagement with yourself and your commitment to make positive, transformation in your life.  To have the courage to stand in alignment with all that you are and all that you have the potential to be.

Once you fully understand who you are and how you function, you will have the confidence and knowledge to create positive actions which serve you well and move you forward, enabling you to become healthy and fulfilled with a true sense of your Self.

This transition is truly life changing.  With new levels of understanding of yourself you can move forward to create a long-term future and achieve things you previously felt impossible.  You will have The Courage to Be Yourself.

You will also have the support through unlimited emails on a dedicated client email address and texts within working hours.  In addition, we will have one 30 minute telephone call per fortnight to support you between our one to one sessions.


To ensure you gain maximum value and measurable results, the course will be tailored to you.  Taking a course is subject to a complementary course being received.

To demonstrate your commitment to your personal development, I will ask you to make full payment before we start to work together.  Once you commit to the course, refunds are not available.  If you decide to end the course mid-term, the full value of the course will be deemed to have been used.

If you are ready to make a commitment to change your life right now, fill out the form below to book a complementary exploratory session and let’s have a chat about working together.