Hazel is the problem!

“You may have seen golden tassels dangling from leafless hazel trees. These are catkins or lamb’s tails and for many they signal the first tentative signs of spring.” says Vicky Whitaker at the Sussex Wildlife Trust

I certainly have seen them and they have been in evidence this last week in the number of allergy corrections I have done for people affected by the pollen.


As soon as we have some warm sunshine, nature recognises the warmth and responds with a release of pollen – as it should do.

I have been asked over the last week – ‘This feels like hay fever but it’s only January … what do you think?’ Well my answer is Hazel is the problem. Although it is ‘only January’ if you look closely you will see the tips of the spring bulbs poking through the ground and the catkins on the trees – all getting ready and making sure they are there for the spring warmth.

So you aren’t imagining it – you can get hay fever in Spring or even at the end of Winter.


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